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Still Life, Landscape, Figure and Portrait Paintings
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Snefrid Sneve-Schultze

Miniature Orchid

I am a professional artist because I love making art and immersing myself in the creative process. Art is and always has been my gateway to all that is positive, life affirming and joyous in life, and my paintings are the way in which I express that positivity. The process of putting paint to canvas or paper inspires and uplifts me in a moment and greatly affects how I relate to others, the world at large and to myself specifically. I create artwork because I see beauty, meaning and purpose in the ordinary everyday objects and images.

My artistic genre is an abstraction of realism with a slight impressionistic quality. I work in oil, primarily alla prima, wet on wet, and my preference is to work directly from life whenever possible; however, I use photographs as reference. Of late, my artistic focus includes still life, portraiture and the human figure.

With each still life painting, an idea presents itself to my consciousness and this concept is the thematic framework that I use as the basis for the painting. Compositions are based on fundamental geometric shapes, yet each object is rendered realistically.


My figure paintings are similar in that I view the subject within the context of the simplified and abstract forms of an environment while creating a mood reflective of both the model and/or me.

The physical process of applying paint to a canvas with a brush creates an energetic connection between my mind and my ability to interpret the image projected. In that process, I do not always plan things in advance. Instead, images evolve until they are ready for presentation in whatever configuration seems most in harmony with the story I am telling. Simplicity of design works best in my effort to convey the complexity of the story I envision.

Snefrid Sneve-Schultze

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