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S. Sneve-Schultze

Sissi Sneve-Schultze is an award winning oil painter who resides and works in Eastham, MA. A native of Bardu, Norway, Sneve-Schultze emigrated to the United States in 1980 and received her BA in Drawing and Painting from Minnesota State University in 1984. The artist studied art at the Museum of Fine Arts School in Boston and Fashion Design at the Massachusetts College of Art also in Boston, MA where she lived and worked until her move to Cape Cod in 1993.

Since launching her career as a full-time artist in 2000, Sneve-Schultze has operated an art studio in Eastham, MA. Included amongst her professional credits, are Associate Memberships in the prestigious societies Oil Painters of America and Allied Artists of America. The artist’s work has been shown in national and international juried exhibition and at numerous galleries.

The human face has always fascinated Sneve-Schultze; as a result she loves portraiture.  She says: Each face has its own unique and complex story to convey, and as an artist my role is to capture it in all its many variations and expressions. I look beyond the façade delving deeply into the heart of each subject to reveal his or her most personal characteristics and deepest fundamental essence.

Sneve-Schultze works in oil, often alla prima, wet on wet, her preference is to work directly from life when possible; she uses photographs as reference and will occasionally work entirely from photographs when circumstance challenges working from life. 

Sneve-Schultze says: "My paintings pay homage to the bounty and beauty in the world with all its imperfections. It is my way of expressing my thanks and appreciation for the agelessness embodied in all life."

Sneve-Schultze’s work can be found in private art collections throughout her home countries, the United States and Norway.